Our Mission

Working to reduce the impact of invasive species.

Our Vision Statement:  We protect our natural resources by promoting the stewardship needed to prevent and control invasive species.

Many invasive exotic plants and animals have devastating impacts on our native plant communities, fish and wildlife habitat, agricultural yields, recreational opportunities, and, ultimately, local economies. Because these non-native species disperse widely across the landscape, working cooperatively across jurisdictional boundaries toward prevention, management, and control objectives is advantageous. In addition, the number of new invasive species introduced into our region each year has been outpacing control activities, making prevention and management tasks impractical for any one agency to manage alone. The cost to the U.S. economy to monitor, contain, and control these species is estimated at $100-200 billion per year - an annual cost greater than that for all natural disasters combined.

SEWISC provides a forum to share information and resources and to execute invasive species management activities cooperatively in southeastern Wisconsin. Get involved!