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Riveredge Nature Center

County: Ozaukee

2021 Pull-A-Thon Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00

Pounds Pulled to-date: 0

Donations/Sponsorships Received to-date: $0

Riveredge Nature Center, located in Ozaukee County, is a non-profit conservation and educational organization on 379 acres of high diversity land. Since its inception 50 years ago, land stewardship has been at the heart of the Riveredge mission. Our dedicated team of conservation staff and volunteers remove invasive species year round in order to create opportunity for replacement native vegetation.  Since 2014, our Pull-a-Thon team has pulled almost 20,000 lbs of garlic mustard and dame's rocket (another invasive mustard), and has raised nearly $4,000 in donations for invasive species education. 

Join our 2021 Pull-A-Thon Team and help us continue our mission to remove invasive species to keep wildlife and people healthy.  Below we have outlined an opportunity to safely pull invasive mustards at Riveredge that will allow us to maintain the 6 years of progress we have made as a team, and get some much needed light on our sweatpants.  We have been refining our volunteer stance on working on invasive mustards during Covid, and because it is one of Ever's permissible activities (forestry and agricultural practices), we are allowed to conduct this activity as long as we do so responsibly.  

Please make sure you are 12 feet apart as new data suggests that it is way more airborne than we thought.  The center is closed to visitors so you will need to plan your bathroom breaks, bring plenty of water.  

A few guidelines to follow:

We will be keeping track of our geographic progress so we can best allocate your efforts daily to areas that are most needed. Thank you for being safe and protecting each other and our property.  


4458 County Rd Y, 53080, Saukville

Team Leader: Matt Smith

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