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Lac Lawrann Conservancy

County: Washington

2019 Pull-A-Thon Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00

Pounds Pulled to-date: 420;  Donations/Sponsorships Received to-date: $0

Lac Lawrann Conservancy is a 137-acre nature preserve. It is a vast expanse of water, sky, wetlands, native hardwood forest, red pine plantation, tall grass prairie, and glacial landscapes. The Conservancy serves as refuge to over 300 species of plants, over 200 species of birds, and a wide variety of mammals as well as reptiles and amphibians.  We serve as an outdoor classroom for over 5,000 visitors each year, including over 1,200 school children. Visitors participate in self-guided hiking and skiing, guided tours, special events, school field trips, and a variety of public programs for families and individuals of all ages.

The natural diversity at the Lac Lawrann is fantastic ~forever changing with the seasons. The Conservancy is a special place for exploration, discovery, wonder, and tranquility.  Visit  often, walk softly, and whisper~ you might just find a hidden treasure, or a four-legged friend staring back at you.

The goal is to pull as much garlic mustard as possible, and we get a “rocket-boost” by pulling dames rocket. 

in spite of a not-so-friendly weather forecast for Wednesday this week, let's plan to meet by barn basement door at 9 a.m. Rain and thunder is in the forecast, so plan on getting wet and probably muddy. Temp in 50-60 deg range. There's bottled water at the barn; I'll bring a bagful of candy to tide us through.

I recommend wearing gloves, rain gear, and maybe insect repellent. It may be muddy.

If thunderstorm drops out of the forecast, we'll head out on the RB Lake Trail to the waterway (draw) that comes down from the City View Apartments, and head uphill from there. We have bags to place our pickings in. Else, we'll' pick a location closer to the farmstead in case lightning is in the offing.

If rain is light, I expect we'll work until 11:30, then head back to our cars. If it's heavy, we'll stop work earlier.

(Not) looking forward to Wednesday's work, given the forecast. Keep smiling!😄


P.S If you know of someone else who likes to pick GM, bring them along. Tell them they may ytake home as much GM as thery want to make a delicious pesto (search for recipes online!)

Join our Pull-A-Thon Work Day:

Wednesday, May 29, at 9 a.m. 


300 Schmidt Road , West Bend, 53095

Phone: 262-335-5080
Team Leader: Bob Broman

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