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Pike River

County: Racine

2021 Pull-A-Thon Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00

Pounds Pulled to-date: 60

Donations/Sponsorships Received to-date: $0

The Pike River Corridor consists of Mt. Pleasant Village-owned lands or lands associated with conservation easements located along the Pike River, which is centrally located within the Village from north to south. The Village owns these lands for conservancy purposes, but the corridor also includes fishing areas and the Pike River Pathway, a multiuse trail. These lands were acquired as part of the Pike River project, an ecologically based watershed restoration and management plan for the Pike River watershed. The project is focused on increasing public education of the watershed area, protecting and restoring the river corridor, increasing and improving recreational access, increasing protected open space within the watershed, and achieving applicable water quality standards.

During the 2021 Pull-A-Thon, we will scout for and pull any garlic mustard or dame's rocket  spotted throughout the area.


8811 Campus Drive, Mount Pleasant, 53406, Wisconsin

Team Leader: Alice Thompson

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