Elm Grove Beautification Committee



2024 Pull-A-Thon Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000

Pounds Pulled to-date: 1,395

Donations/Sponsorships Received to-date: $0

Your Elm Grove Beautification Committee's Invasive Species Task Force has been meeting every Sunday at 11am for just one hour within Elm Grove since August of 2020.  

This is our first year participating in the SEWISC Pull-a-thon and we hope to make our inaugural participation noteworthy!  Let's work together to make our gorgeous village park free from Garlic Mustard and Dame's Rocket.  Heck, why stop there?  Let's make our entire 3.28 square mile community, free of these invasive species!

Reach out via email to be a part of our Invasive Species Task Force team.  We will notify you of all of our meetups within the village.  Thank you!


Elm Grove, WI



Team Leader:

Nicci Sternitzky