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Dear <Name of potential donor>,

I am rolling up my sleeves this spring and participating in the Annual Southeastern Wisconsin Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon.  I have eagerly joined the <Name of your team, hyperlinked to their website>.  The team will be pulling at <Name of location(s)>. All proceeds will be will be used for invasive species education, prevention and control in southeastern Wisconsin and all pledge contributions are tax-deductible.  A trophy and bragging rights will be awarded to the team that collects the most pledges and pulls the most garlic mustard/dame’s rocket by June 30.  We want to be that team!!!!

Sponsored by the Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium, Inc. (SEWISC), the Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon is an annual fundraiser event, where folks throughout southeastern Wisconsin are encouraged to protect the woodlands of their neighborhoods by pulling this invasive plant.  The pull-a-thon is a competition, a fundraiser, and a way for people to join together and have a positive impact on their environment.  Our natural areas will only avoid damage from invasive plant and animals with a long-term sustained commitment to the control of those species.  Help raise funds for a sustainable control program at the same time that you help to reduce and prevent garlic mustard seed production.


Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) is an invasive plant that’s taking over our woodlands.  It crowds out our beautiful native wildflowers and endangers forests by preventing tree seedlings from growing.  To make matters worse, none of our native insects or wildlife eat it!  Dame’s rocket (Hesperis matronalis), another invasive member of the mustard family, will be pulled and bagged along with garlic mustard during the competition, giving each team extra points and a rocket boost!  Help us remove these invaders from priority locations throughout southeastern Wisconsin as part of an effort to keep our local natural areas healthy.  

Over the past 9 years, Pull-A-Thon Teams have pulled more than 87 tons of garlic mustard and dame’s rocket.  Our annual goal is to collectively pull 20,000 pounds of garlic mustard throughout 8 counties and raise $50,000 to fund invasive species education, prevention and control in southeastern Wisconsin. That is an ambitious, but not unreachable, goal that we can accomplish with your help!

I have committed to pulling enough garlic mustard to fill one large trash bag which is approximately 30 pounds and my personal goal is to raise at least $300.00!  You can sponsor me for an amount per pound or simply name an amount that you are willing to contribute.  Please donate online or if you prefer, you may print a paper donation form and send with your payment directly to SEWISC.

Thank you for your support!

<Your name>