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Wild Chervil

Wild Chervil

Wild chervil

(Anthriscus sylvestris)

General description:

Herbaceous, monocarpic perennial that has hollow stems covered in soft hairs.

Leaves: Alternate, fern-like leaflets are nearly hairless with the leaf base clasping the stem. Flowers: Umbels of small, 5-petaled, white flowers blooms late May-early July. Fruits and seeds: Each flower produces 2 shiny, long brown seeds that are joined. Roots: Thick taproot with lateral buds can be up to 6’ deep.

Ecological threat:

  • Invades roadsides, open woods, fields and pastures.
  • It is a host to parsnip yellow fleck virus which infects carrots, celery, and parsnips.
  • It has been planted as an ornamental and is found in some European wildflower seed mixes.