Amur maple

(Acer tataricum subsp. ginnala)

General description:

Multi-stemmed deciduous tree or shrub in the maple family.

Ecological threat:

  • Invades open grasslands, open forests, prairies, forest and field edges.
  • Outcompetes native shrubs and understory trees, reducing overall biodiversity.
  • Can shade-out native species in prairie ecosystems, converting prairie community to shaded shrubland or woodland.
  • United States Forest Service designates this species as invasive in several eastern states with similar climate zones.
  • Trees produce abundant, wind dispersed seed that germinate readily.
  • Tree are tolerant of a wide range of environmental conditions, and more drought and shade tolerant than native maples.
  • May contain allelopathic chemicals, inhibiting root development of desired species.
Wild/European Privet

Wild/European Privet

(Ligustrum vulgare)
Glossy Buckthorn

Glossy Buckthorn

(Frangula alnus)