Leafy Spurge

(Euphorbia esula)

General description:

Herbaceous perennial with deep root systems and milky sap in stems, flowers, and leaves. Sap is distasteful to some animals and can cause blistering on their mouths or throats. Leafy spurge grows to be 2-3’ tall.

Ecological threat:

  • Invade open areas, including prairies, savannas, and roadsides. Can quickly create monocultures, excluding native vegetation and reducing wildlife habitat value.
  • Tolerant of a wide range of habitats, from dry to moist and sunny to semi-shade. Most aggressive in areas where soil moisture is limited.
Common Tansy

Common Tansy

(Tanacetum vulgare)
Bella Honeysuckle

Bella Honeysuckle

(Lonicera x bella)