(Convallaria majalis)

Lily of the Valley is an adaptable, shade-tolerant, spreading perennial that has historically been used as a groundcover in the difficult shade garden. We have discontinued producing and selling this plant due to its aggressive behavior in the landscape and invasive potential. All parts of the plant are poisonous, and care should be taken when handling any plant part. Also known as May Bells and Mary’s Tears.

Convallaria majalis is a perennial herbaceous rhizomatous plant that grows up to 12 in (30 cm) tall. It is native to Asia and Europe. Some sources list it as non-native to North America and others list it as native.

The paired leaves are long elliptics growing up to 16.7 in (50 cm) long. Leaves are deciduous.

The bell-like dainty white flowers are held on erect racemes and have a strong, sweet perfume and bloom in the spring. Fruit The fruits are red berries.

Ecological Threat
C. majalis spreads quickly because of rhizomes which can form extensive colonies. It can tolerate full sun to full shade but prefers partial shade. Rich well-drained moist soil is its preference. It has been planted extensively as an ornamental. Where it has escaped cultivation and spread into natural areas it can be invasive. It can spread by seed and rhizomes.

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