(Lysimachia nummularia or L. nummelaria)

Creeping, low-growing perennial with round, opposite leaves and yellow flowers.


Other names for this plant include:

  • Common names: Creeping Jenny, creeping Joan, running Jenny, wandering Jenny, wandering sailor
  • Scientific names: None.

Ecological threat:

  • Invades moist forests, woodland edges, floodplain forests, swamps, wet meadows, fens, stream borders, lawns, roadside ditches¬†and grasslands.
  • Moneywort has been known to choke small springs and seeps in rich woods due to its rapid spread and ability to form dense layers.
  • This species is capable of rapid vegetative spread that can form dense, low-growing mats.
  • This species forms a dense ground cover layer, thereby altering the plant community structure and reducing the population size of some native species in the herb layer.
  • Noted as an invasive species throughout much of the United States.
Lyme Grass

Lyme Grass

(Leymus arenarius or Elymus arenarius)
Purple Loosestrife

Purple Loosestrife

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