Narrow-leaved Cattail

(Typha angustifolia)

Perennial, erect wetland plant that is 5-10’ tall, often with a submersed base.

Other names for this plant 

  • Common names: narrow-leaf cattail, lesser bulrush
  • Scientific names: T. angustifolia var calumetensis; T. angustifolia var elongata

Ecological threat

  • Invades freshwater marshes, wet meadows, fens, roadsides, ditches, shallow ponds, stream and lakeshores.
  • Plays an important role as a food source and shelter for some marsh-dwelling animals, but large mono-specific stands of invasive cattails exclude some less common species.
Mute Swan

Mute Swan

(Cyguns olor)
New Zealand Mudsnail

New Zealand Mudsnail

(Potamopyrgus antipodarum)