Oriental Bittersweet

(Celastrus orbiculatus, Celastrus loeseneri)

Perennial, woody climbing vine. A Prolific producer of red-orange berries. Stems may reach six inches in diameter. Male and female flowers usually borne on separate plants.


Other names for this plant 

  • Common names: Asian bittersweet, Asian loeseneri bittersweet, Japanese bittersweet, round leaf bittersweet
  • Scientific names: Celastrus rosthornianus var. loeseneri, C. orbiculata; C. articulatus

Ecological threat

  • Invades forests, woodlands, fields, hedge-rows and coastal areas and can grow in open sites or under a closed forest canopy.
  • Oriental bittersweet grows rapidly and is tolerant of a wide range of habitats.
  • May damage trees by girdling trunks with its woody stem, shading out the tree’s leaves or weighing down its crown making it susceptible to damage from wind or heavy snowfall.
  • It is widely planted as an ornamental vine and is sometimes planted accidentally when mistaken for American bittersweet.
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