Red Swamp Crayfish

(Procambarus clarkii)

The red swamp crayfish originally inhabited the coastal gulf plain region from the Florida panhandle to Mexico. Now the red swamp crayfish can be found in areas of the southern Mississippi River drainage to Illinois. This species has the ability to tolerate brackish water, unusual for most crayfish. They also have been recorded to have the ability to cross several miles of relatively dry ground and can burrow into the ground during extended dry periods.

Other names for this animal include:

  • Common names: Red swamp crayfish
  • Scientific names: Procambarus clarkii

Ecological threat:

Red swamp crayfish are omnivorous, feeding on aquatic plants, snails, insects, fish and amphibian eggs and young. They have been found to reduce amphibian populations in California and Spain through direct predation and competition for habitat. Populations have also led to declines in native crayfish species in Europe through competition and because they often carry the crayfish fungus plague.

Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed

(Fallopia japonica or Polygonum cuspidatum)
Common Reed Grass

Common Reed Grass

(Phragmites australis subsp. australis)