Siberian Elm

(Ulmus pumila)

A fast-growing tree that grows to be 50-70’ tall. The bark is gray-brown bark with furrows at maturity. Twigs and leaves are nearly hairless, with black hairs on the bud scales.


Other names for this plant include:

  • Common names: littleleaf elm, dwarf elm
  • Scientific names: Ulmus campestris var. pumila; U. manshurica; U. turkestanica

Ecological threat:

  • Tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions including extreme temperatures, nutrient-poor soils and low moisture.
  • It can be found along roadsides, in pastures and grasslands, stream banks and prairies.
  • Due to the fast development and germination of seeds, dense thickets form rapidly, displacing native vegetation and reducing forage for native fauna.
Rusty Crayfish

Rusty Crayfish

(Orconectes rusticus)
Spiny Water Flea

Spiny Water Flea

(Bythotrephes cederstroemi)