Tree of Heaven

(Ailanthus altissima)

Rapidly-growing tree that can reach 80’ or more. Tree of heaven has smooth stems, pale gray bark and light brown twigs. Leaves and male flowers have a strong odor of rancid peanuts.

Other names for this plant include:

  • Common names: China sumac, stinktree, ailanthus
  • Scientific names: A. glandulosa; Rhus cacodendron

Ecological threat:

  • Aggressive invader of urban areas, fields, roadsides, fencerows, woodland edges and forest openings. It may occur as seedlings in recently planted fields.
  • Prolific seed producer; once established can form an impenetrable thicket.
  • Allelopathic; plant produces chemicals that are toxic to other organisms, both plants and insects.
White Bedstraw

White Bedstraw

(Galium mollugo)
Spotted lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly

(Lycorma delicatula)