Yellow Flag Iris

(Iris pseudacorus)

Yellow flag iris is a showy perennial plant that can grow in a range of conditions from drier upland sites to wetlands to floating aquatic mats. A native plant of Eurasia, it can be an invasive garden escapee in Wisconsin's natural environments.

Ecological Threat:

  • Yellow flag iris can produce many seeds that float from the parent plant, or plants can spread vegetatively via rhizome fragments. Once established, it forms dense clumps or floating mats that can alter wildlife habitat and species diversity.
  • All parts of this plant are poisonous, which results in lowered wildlife food sources in areas where it dominates.
  • This species can escape water gardens and ponds and grow in controlled and natural environments. It can grow in wetlands, forests, bogs, swamps, marshes, lakes, streams and ponds.
  • Dense areas of this plant may alter hydrology by trapping sediment.

Callery Pear

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