2022 Education Symposium

Native Plant Replacements for Exotic Invasives

Our Educational Symposium was informative and fun!  Award-winning Landscape Architect and owner of Landserve, LLC, John Mariani, discussed Native Plant Replacements for Exotic Invasives.  We learned about using indigenous plants in an aesthetically pleasing yet functional design and how to highlight plants that are the best substitutes for non-natives. Learn more about John's ideas at Landscapes for Life!

Symposium attendees celebrated this year’s Sweat Equity Award Winner, Jean Weedmana remarkable leader, inspirer, and native plant enthusiast who has devoted more than a decade to promoting stewardship of our natural resources in southeastern Wisconsin.  Everyone enjoyed local food refreshments, and five lucky raffle winners returned home with nearly $600 in fantastic donated prizes! 

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J Weedman 2022
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