2021 Awardees announced

Eight local proposals were submitted for funding to the 2021 SEWISC Assistance Program, which was graciously sponsored by the We Energies Foundation.  The selection committee ultimately awarded five small grants for on-the-ground invasive species control projects which will be conducted in our region over the next few months.  Here is a summary of those projects:

$1,994 was awarded to the Sheboygan County Planning and Conservation Department to conduct educational workshops centered on invasive species identification and control of common reed, purple loosestrife, reed canary grass, and garlic mustard. The proposed management will enhance habitat for rare and important species identified within and adjacent to the project areas. SEWISC funds will be used to provide for equipment, labor, and herbicide.

Cedar Swamp LowlandCounty Line Preserve cedar swamp lowlandGeneva Lake Conservancy was awarded $2,000 for removal and treatment of oriental bittersweet, poison hemlock, and common buckthorn on a portion of Conservancy easement properties. Once treated, project areas will provide additional habitat for valued animals such as Blanding’s turtle, queensnake, and eastern massasauga. Funding will be used to provide equipment and materials for mechanical and chemical treatments.

A $1,995 award was given to the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust to control common and glossy buckthorn at County Line Preserve, a conifer swamp designated by SEWRPC as “Natural Area of Regional Significance” due to its relatively undisturbed nature that supports numerous regionally rare species. SEWISC funds will provide equipment and labor for invasive species treatment.

SEWISC awarded $2,000 to the Kenosha County Division of Parks for treatment of common reed within Kenosha County Veterans Memorial Park. Kenosha County has restored approximately 70 acres of prairie in the park and the continued common reed management will result in an increase of migratory bird habitat and enhancement of pollinator habitat within region. Funds will be used to provide equipment, labor, and herbicide.

06 SEWISC Application 2021 Final UWMWFSUW-Milwaukee Waukesha Field Station was awarded $1,500 to support an on-going invasive species abatement project at the Field Station, located in Oconomowoc. Target species include garlic mustard, dame’s rocket, common teasel, wild parsnip, common buckthorn, glossy buckthorn, and honeysuckle. Management of these species will increase suitable habitat for the endangered wild petunia, threatened kitten tail, pale purple coneflower, and prairie-parsley. The SEWISC award will be used for equipment and herbicide.

2021 funding for this program made possible by