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Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard Post Removal Native Restoration

At the SEWISC Symposium on 7 November 2023, Jim Reinartz gave a talk titled “So, You've Killed the Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard: Now What?” and offered to provide access to Excel file versions of the tables that he presented. These tables describe seed mixes that have been used, or recommended, for planting after buckthorn has been removed from a badly infested site. A brief description of the content of the Excel files follows:

Suggested planting - Jim's.xlsxPresents, 1) a recommendation for an herbaceous seed mix with quantities per-acre and per-ft2; 2) suggestions for plants to consider for live planting because they may be difficult to establish with direct seeding; and 3) shrubs and trees to plant in disturbed woodlands and woods edge.

Seed mix Minnesota study-2022.xlsx – Seed mix used for the study: Using plants to control buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica): Improved biotic resistance of forests through revegetation. Michael J. Schuster, Peter D. Wragg, Alexander M. Roth, Paul Bockenstedt, Lee E. Frelich, Peter B. Reich. Ecological Engineering 182 (2022) 106730. This data was obtained from the supporting information for the publication and copied to this Excel file by J.A. Reinartz. The seed list is also available on the website:

Citizen Science Seed Mix - U MN.xlsx – “Cover It Up” Citizen Science Seed Mix (woody and herbaceous species) used by the University of Minnesota project: Copied to this Excel file by J.A. Reinartz.

Buckthorn replacement mix MNL.xlsx – Grass and sedge seed Buckthorn Replacement Mix sold by Minnesota Native Landscapes, Inc. Copied to this Excel file by J.A. Reinartz 11/1/2023.

Minnesota Shrub & Tree mix.xlsx – Minnesota – Making revegetation feasible Shrub and Tree Mix. Recommended seed list and the "Low" and "High" lb./ac were copied into this Excel file from the "Shrub and Tree Mix" link on the University of Minnesota Cover it Up Project website: The "Seeds /lb" column and all the columns to the right of that were added by J.A. Reinartz.

MN-Managing buckthorn with trees-Herb mix.xlsx – Herbaceous species list for the U. Minnesota "Managing Buckthorn with Trees" project: Copied to this Excel file by J.A. Reinartz 11/1/2023.