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2014 Wisconsin Invader Crusader Awards

Our Regional Recipients

In 2005 Governor James Doyle demonstrated a firm commitment to address the issue of invasive species in Wisconsin by creating the Wisconsin Council on Invasive Species and by declaring June as Invasive Species Awareness Month. 

That tradition has continued in an effort to raise awareness about non-native invasive plants and animals.  This annual event is a great opportunity for the Council to recognize the efforts of outstanding individuals and organizations that have demonstrated exemplary work in combating the spread of invasive species.

image007aWe are proud to report that Isis Eiserling, Maddy Keefe, Haley Pfister, and Jennifer Schroll (Girl Scout Troop #2789), Michael Yanny (Johnson’s Nursery, Inc. and SEWISC Board Member) and Jason Nickels (Mequon Nature Preserve) were chosen to receive 2014 awards for their dedicated work in southeastern Wisconsin!

The Invader Crusader Awards Ceremony was held on June 5th at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison.