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Invasive Species Reporting

Smartphone Apps

image017Do you love the outdoors and want to protect
your favorite spots from invasive species?

When you see an invasive species,
be a citizen monitor and report it!

Don’t own a GPS?
Not interested in lugging a clipboard around?
Always forgetting your invasive species ID guide at home?

Well now, there’s an App for that!  In fact, there are TWO Apps for that!  The online data sharing sites Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN) and Great Lakes Early Detection Network (GLEDN) both have smartphone Apps that allow users to report invasive species locations directly from the field.  The information will then be available online for anyone to view.

The Apps have some helpful features:

  • Both Apps are FREE to use, but you must create an account for the respective site to submit any data.
  • You can browse species images and information on your phone; no paper field guide is needed.
  • If you don’t have a cell signal, the App will store the information on your phone and send the data when a signal is available.
  • You can take a picture with your phone and submit it with your report. 
  • MISIN and GLEDN share information, so it doesn’t matter which App you use. 



Visit the MISIN website for links to download the MISIN App

You can also browse invasive locations and submit invasive sightings on the MISIN website.

Visit Bugwood Apps to download the GLEDN App

Visit GLEDN’s website at GLEDN to browse or submit data via GLEDN

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