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Annual Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon

Our roving trophy finds another new home

garlic mustard pull 2017Our Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon is an annual event, when we encourage people throughout southeastern Wisconsin to protect the woodlands of their neighborhoods by pulling this invasive plant. The pull-a-thon is a competition, a fundraiser, and a way for people to join together and have a positive impact on their environment. 

This spring, 12 teams formed by 842 volunteers helped to raise funds and awareness while controlling 36,585 pounds (over 18 tons!) of garlic mustard and dame's rocket in our natural areas. Volunteers recruited friends, family and colleagues to sponsor their pulling efforts. What a fun way to make a real difference in the protection of the wild areas that we love!

The tax-deductable Pull-A-Thon pledge contributions were shared between SEWISC and event partners and the funds will be used for youth and adult invasive species education and prevention in southeastern Wisconsin.  Thank you to all the 2017 teams and their generous sponsors.

garlic mustard pull 2017 trophy

The prestigous traveling trophy was recently passed from last year's winners, the Riveredge Nature Center Team to the River Revitalization Foundation Team (RRF) during a ceremony in  August. The industrious winning team pulled 11,040 pounds of invasive plant material with the help of 87 volunteers from numerous sources including FedEx, MMSD, Operation Dream, Lakefront Brewery, Cream City Conservation, Colectivo Coffee, RRF's Earn and Learn, FORB volunteers, Riverview Dorms, Cambridge Commons, Gordon Brothers Accuval, Johnson Control and City Year.

The Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon Trophy is a team-to-team award for outstanding dedicated efforts to control invasive species in southeastern Wisconsin. Each year, the team who pulls the largest amount of garlic mustard and/or dame’s rocket and raises the most donations wins the trophy which travels throughout our eight-county region.

Join the fun!  It’s never too soon to begin recruiting 2018 Pull-A-Thon Teams. Will the impressive trophy be passed to YOUR team in 2018, or will the River Revitalization Foundation team win the competition and keep the trophy for another year?

Got garlic mustard? If you would like to form a Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon Team in 2018 and add your worksite location to our event, please email us at: .