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Invasive Plant Management Resources

Courtesy of the Renz Lab


The Renz Weed Science Lab has created a series of factsheets discussing the identification and control of many common invasive plant species problematic to natural areas. Mechanical, cultural, and chemical control methods are discussed in detail, including effectiveness of the control method and appropriate rates and timings of chemical control applications. 

Website visitors can also access invasive plant management trial reports and summaries along with plant identification video resources. The Renz Lab has helped produce a brochure describing the identification of Wisconsin plants that are hazardous to human health, whether through contact or consumption. These plants are often found in natural areas and roadsides, although they may also be found in agricultural settings.

Many of the materials are intended for land managers to improve weed management outcomes. Please take a look at what the Renz Lab has to offer, and don’t hesitate to contact their staff if you have any questions!