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Japanese barberry

Japanese barberry
Berberis thunbergii

You’ve probably seen this species a lot. It’s a favorite planting along the sidewalks and around the front of houses in many cities. But this non-native species from Japan is now found far and wide in southern Wisconsin, settling in oak woodlands and savannas where its seeds have been carried by birds and rabbits. To learn more about barberry and how to control it go to our website:
Japanese Barberry

Our website is about eight months old now and new material continues to be added on a regular basis. All you need to do is to type "SEWISC" into a search function and our webpage will be the first option. Or go to your address bar at the top of your internet page and type The website is designed to make it simple for you to access information to help you identify an invasive and decide how to manage it.

When you visit the website you'll notice the scrolling display with several species. All you need to do is put your cursor on one of the species and the scrolling will stop. Then click twice and you can get a detailed explanation of the species.

We'll continue to add information on other species as the website develops.

Some of the latest additions are the invasive species flyers. The flyers are divided into four categories: 1) Widespread Invasive Plants, 2) Locally Established Invasive Plants, 3) Invasive Animals and 4) New Invasive Plants. The flyers will be reviewed and updated annually.

We distributed copies of the four flyers at our Annual SEWISC Symposium on Nov. 16, 2011. In case you couldn't attend or need additional copies, you can download them at our website. The handy pdf format will let you save a copy to your computer and then print it out. Stuff the flyers in your pocket to take along on a hike or keep some in the car.

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