Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium, Inc.


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Teaming-up with Hunters and Anglers

To protect wildlife habitat

Often overlooked as conservationists, hunters and anglers have been and remain committed, key supporters of conserving Wisconsin’s beautiful natural resources.  They know first-hand about the impacts that non-native invasive species are having on our hunting and fishing habitat such as forests becoming ugly thickets of honeysuckle and buckthorn, or lakes made almost unfishable by Eurasian water-milfoil or zebra mussels. Over time, invasive species can ruin our favorite hunting and fishing spots and perhaps more than any other group, hunters and anglers are bearing the brunt of the impacts of invasive species.

Through a partnership with the James E. Dutton Foundation, Inc. we recently reached out to hunters and anglers in southeastern Wisconsin to help them work together with environmental nonprofits and government agencies to control the degradation of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife habitats by non-native plant and animal species.  Educational materials were prepared and sent to nearly 9,000 individuals through this effort.

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