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Citizen scientists wanted! Join the 2012 Roadside Invasive Species Survey

2012 Roadside Invasive Species Survey  1Join more than 150 volunteers this summer to map wild parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) along our southeastern Wisconsin roadways.

Wild parsnip is a tall perennial plant (up to 5 feet) that spreads quickly and is especially successful in taking over degraded habitats found along roadsides. The species has been steadily increasing its range throughout Wisconsin and is becoming common in ditches, roadsides, and along agricultural fields.

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2012 Roadside Invasive Species Survey  3Wild parsnip not only displaces our native species, but also threatens human well-being by causing phytophotodermatitis. If the plant juices come in contact with skin in the presence of sunlight, a rash and/or blistering can occur as well as skin discoloration that may last for months. Care should be taken to avoid direct skin contact with the juices of this plant. Proper clothing (gloves and a long-sleeved shirt) must be worn to prevent the phytophotodermatitic effects.

Volunteer surveyors are still needed for Sheboygan and Washington Counties. If you live, work and or play in these counties, you and a friend can take an active role in controlling this dangerous plant.

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And, the survey is just plain fun! To volunteer or for more information about the survey, please contact us at: and visit our website: