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Wisconsin’s seventh annual Invasive Species Awareness Month throughout June, 2012

"Slow the Spread by Boat and Tread"

In 2005 Governor James Doyle demonstrated a firm commitment to address the issue of invasive species in Wisconsin by creating the Wisconsin Council on Invasive Species and by declaring June of that year the first annual Invasive Species Awareness Month. For each of the past 7 years, that tradition has continued in an effort to raise awareness about non-native invasive plants and animals.

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Grand Prize poster 2
Grand Prize poster design by SEWISC Region resident,
Clara Montes Grade 5, Kohler Elementary School, Sheboygan County

During Invasive Species Awareness Month, numerous field trips, workshops, presentations and work parties will be held throughout the state. The goal is to create a statewide alliance of non-profit conservation groups, land trusts, Native American agencies, educational institutions, botanical gardens, nature centers, forest industry groups, green industry groups, and county, state and federal agencies, who will work together to inundate Wisconsin citizens with the message "Invasive species is an important issue to confront!"

Each year the Council recognizes the efforts of outstanding individuals and organizations that have demonstrated exemplary work in combating the spread of invasive species. We are proud to report that SEWISC volunteers Martha Lunz, John Lunz and Eric Tarman-Ramcheck along with SEWISC Board of Directors Vice President, Jerry Ziegler each received a 2012 Invader Crusader Award for their dedicated work in southeastern Wisconsin!

This year, 4th and 5th grade students across our beautiful state had the opportunity to participate in a poster contest sponsored by the Council and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The goal of the contest was to increase awareness of shoreline and wetland invasive species and to teach people how to prevent the spread of invasive species in these habitats.


ISAM 2012 Awardees
Paul Schumacher, Chair of the Wisconsin Invasive Species Council (left) and James Reinartz, Council member and Treasurer of SEWISC Board of Directors (right) celebrate with 2012 ISAM Award Winners Jerry Ziegler (Professional Individual – Nonprofit), Martha and John Lunz (Volunteer Pair), and Eric Tarman-Ramcheck (Volunteer Individual) at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison.