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Creating a Beetle Nursery:

Purple loosestrife biocontrol efforts continue

beetle nursery wbdLast summer we partnered with Anna Moyer, WDNR Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist, to select locations for biocontrol beetle release. Unfortunately, the beetle supply was not large enough to treat every purple loosestrife population in the SEWISC region, and Anna returned this spring to help create a beetle nursery at the University of Wisconsin-Field Station in Saukville. The Ozaukee Washington Land Trust (OWLT) graciously donated 20 purple loosestrife plants, potting soil and netting. SEWISC members and volunteers Jim Reinartz, Melissa Warner, Jim Hooten and Ryan Fenley ( pictured right) joined Anna to pot the plants needed to raise beetles that will be released later this year in Cedarburg Bog, Little Cedar Lake, Ackerman’s Grove, Caledonia, Long Lake and select OWLT properties.