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New State Pollinator Protection Plan

PPPCoverIn Wisconsin, pollinator-dependent crops account for over $55 million in annual production.  In 2014, amid concerns about pollinator declines, honey bee health issues and the future of honey and crop production, the State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) initiated a project to develop a statewide pollinator protection plan.  DATCP partnered with researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to gather scientific research and information from a diverse array of stakeholders to guide plan development.

Because many pollinator issues affect a diversity of species, the plan focuses on both managed bees and wild pollinators found in Wisconsin. The plan has a statewide scope and applies to many contexts, rural and urban, agricultural and non-agricultural.

Now that the Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Plan is complete, we need your feedback!  Please review the plan and complete this 5-minute survey