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Welcome to New Board Adviser, Amy Kretlow

fishingAmy Kretlow has been working with the WDNR invasive species program since 2014. She started as a Limited Term Employee (LTE) performing Early Detection Surveys on lakes and streams. For 10 months Amy worked out of the WI DNR’s Central Office as the Statewide Organisms in Trade Coordinator.

In August of 2016, Amy accepted her present position, AIS Response and Pathways Specialist for the southern half of the Lake Michigan Basin. She also serves as the AIS Regional Contact for Southeast WI. Amy has experience performing Early Detection Monitoring (lakes, rivers, and wetlands), Point Intercept Surveys, and Organisms in Trade reports and efforts. She has led projects such as testing different controls for starry stonewort and coordinated response efforts when graceful cattail was first found in WI. Amy graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a B.S. Degree in Conservation and Environmental Sciences. In her spare time, she loves hiking, fishing out on the big pond (Lake Michigan) and spending time with her grandkids.