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25 Simple Ways to Help Our Planet

You don’t have to plant a dozen trees in your backyard (though we won’t stop you). Minor changes to everyday choices and behaviors can cumulatively make a major positive impact on our planet.

Here are 25 simple steps you can challenge yourself, family and friends to take that will lead to a more environmentally-friendly and healthier lifestyle:

  1. Plant a tree.
  2. Plant a vegetable, herb or native flower garden.
  3. Participate in a local clean up event.
  4. Go meatless for one day a week.
  5. Refill: kick the bottled water habit
  6. Recycle: think before you trash it (or buy it)
  7. Skip the drinking straw.
  8. Reduce the load; power down and unplug.
  9. Donate food locally.
  10. Remember to bring your own reusable bag.
  11. Flip the switch to save lights and equipment.
  12. Buy local and sustainable.
  13. Detox the mailbox and stop junk mail.
  14. Carpool and save fuel.
  15. Park the car; walk or ride a bike.
  16. Give back and volunteer in the community.
  17. Select save instead of print.
  18. Print double-sided on recycled paper.
  19. Save one drop at a time; fix leaking faucets.
  20. Get outdoors and connect with the natural world.
  21. Choose a reusable coffee cup.
  22. Take the food waste challenge and reduce waste.
  23. Read the label; eat for health and nutrition.
  24. Power up using alternative fuels.
  25. Donate money to a local green organization (yes, like SEWISC!).

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Thank you in advance for caring for yourself, our natural environment and our fragile planet.